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The Booster One compression garment should only be worn during exertion . In addition, it improves performance and reduces the risk of injury .

During the entire effort, it contributes to the optimal recovery of the athlete .

Booster is inspired by the origins of BVSPORT. Follow the traditional know-how of the original booster, redesigned especially for you, but the technique has not changed.

SELECTIVE COMPRESSION EXPERIENCE The BV SPORT research and development center, with its various scientific studies, has proven that the pressure exerted on the lower limbs varies according to the type and thickness of the living biological tissues that compose them. These tissues either act as pressure absorbers (muscles and fat) or are incompressible (bones and, to a lesser extent, tendons and nerves). These innovative factors have allowed us to design meshes of varying levels of stiffness (flexible / semi-rigid / rigid), which have been incorporated into the production of our compression ranges (Booster and ProRecup) since 2004. Selective compression respects the anatomy and physiology of athletes, optimizes muscle biomechanics during movement, improves venous return, limits extraneous vibrations and oscillations, decreases the risk of stiffness and DOMS, and increases the fatigue threshold. HOW TO USE IT: Choose the ProRecup Elite range during the recovery phase or the Comfort range for everyday use and when you are travelling. The BV SPORT logo must be on the front, under the kneecap. The Booster logo should be on the outside (outer side of the calf). Machine wash at 30° maximum or manually. Dry naturally. No tumble dryer. CONTRAINDICATIONS: - In the case of venous pathology, consult your doctor. - Do not use while sleeping. ORIGIN OF MANUFACTURE: FRANCE COMPOSITION : 79% POLYAMIDE / 21% ELASTANE

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