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Ecological refills of energy gels

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Only 10 units of this product remain

Take advantage of energy gels at a reduced price by choosing our Mulebar eco-refills for natural sports nutrition that respects the environment.

The 5 refills are the same 5 recipes as our gels. They are only more economical and above all more ecological to do away with the gels that are often released into the environment for lack of a really reusable cap, they flow and stick.

2-in-1 product: refill 12 tubes of gel, 6 reusable silicone bottles or create 6 liters of energy drink by diluting a volume of gel in your 500ml container of water.

DUO TONIC Refill Lemon Zinger 444g 2023-02-28 DUO TONIC Refill Cherry Bomb 444g 2023-02-28 DUO TONIC Refill Apple Strudel 444g 2023-01-24 DUO TONIC Refill ISO Coffee Cut 444g 2023-02-28 DUO TONIC Refill Salted Caramel 444g 2022-10-21

All the nutritional information is in each flavor, and you can consult it at: bsportbrand.pt/mulebar/geis-energeticos

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