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This new XLR Multisport Sock with its elegant design benefits from all the compression expertise of our research center, as well as 14 years of collaboration with the technical and medical staff of federations and professional teams.

Made in our French factory, this MULTISPORTS 2 in 1 sock offers BOOSTER's CALF (BV SPORT patent) compression combined with an ultra-technical foot featuring the famous Y-SPORT system from our short sock lines.

The XLR applies the right amount of controlled compression to the calves, improving venous return , delivering more oxygen to muscles, tendons and ligaments and allowing you to improve your performance and physiological capabilities.

Reinforced mesh from the calf to the Achilles tendon provides better muscle support and reduces oscillatory motion and parasitic vibration , which can cause muscle fatigue and damage.

A special lightweight mesh is knitted in the tibial crest area to protect sensitive pre-tibial areas and extra reinforcement has been added in the Achilles tendon.

This easy-to-wear, extremely comfortable and impressively effective sock will soon become your faithful ally in all your sporting activities.

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