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The OTSO tank top combines the best design and the best technologies to create a super light, versatile and comfortable garment with a unique style.

Defy the heat.

Ultra-breathable fabric that maximizes ventilation and keeps you dry. Designed so that your performance does not decrease, even on the hottest and wettest days.

Move freely.

Super light and flexible fabric, with vertical and horizontal elasticity. It offers the most freedom of movement so you can move fast and nimble.

No friction.

Made with the softest fabric. It provides a pleasant contact with the skin and prevents friction on the nipples or armpits.

You'll forget you're using it even after long hours of use.

Design matters.

Unique designs that will not leave you indifferent. Dare with your favorites and combine them with OTSO!


  • Made entirely in the European Union
  • ultra light
  • ultra breathable
  • super elastic

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