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Naked® Running Band

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If you're a runner, you know that a lot goes into a good race. Sure, you need some great running shoes, a good set of lungs, maybe music. But above all, you have to stay hydrated. This isn't so easy to do when you're on the go - especially if you're on an ultra-trail, marathon or triathlon. That's why we created the Naked® Running Band,

This high-performance, mega-capacity running belt has a unique energy mesh mesh band for your hydration flask, dorsal port, pole holder, key ring... But it offers so much more! The Naked® running belt is the lightest, breathable, non-abrasive, tough and versatile product of its kind. It is available in a full range of sizes from 1 to 12 (28" to 39" or 71 cm to 99 cm), we have the best hydration belt waiting for you!

Take care of your Naked® products and they will take care of you! FOR BEST RESULTS: Hand wash only in cold water and use a mild soap if really necessary. Do not dry clean or use fabric softener. Let it dry and there's no need to iron it, it (and you) will be fine either way!

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